Founded in 2016, the AMSI Alumni Association (AAA) aspires to be a primary link between AMSI’s alumni, students, parents, faculty, and staff, all of whom constitute the AMSI family.

With over 10,000 alumni, we strive to open doors, foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship  by bringing together those who share a common bond. Family is one of our core values, and we believe in fostering our lifelong relationship as family members of Al Mawakeb.

Through our website, we invite you to explore the myriad opportunities available, from events to volunteer work, to help us connect & network together.

The AAA is committed to advancing the best interests of our alumni and celebrating each and every one of them. Most of all, we hope that our alumni will stay involved and in touch with each other and with their second home, Al Mawakeb.

About AMSI (Academia Management Solutions International)

AMSI is a collaboration of academicians and educators who bring together a wealth of experience and international expertise. In our alliance, we have learnt to value creativity and the active pursuit of excellence. For over 40 years, AMSI has been dedicated to raising the standards of education in its community and building a foundation for the future of its youth through the provision of a complete and comprehensive educational solution.

AMSI schools have graduated more than 10000 students and have been home to over 450000 students at one time or another.